Are You One of Those ?????

Next time you go to the public toilets you may observe one of the following types of visitors:

Excitable Type – Pants are twisted, cannot find hole, rips pants in anger.

Sociable Type – Joins pals for a piss whether he wants one or not.

Timid Type – Cannot piss if anyone is watching, pretends he has been and sneaks back later.

Noisy Type – Whistles loudly, peeps over partition to have a look at the other fellow’s tool.

Indifferent Type – All urinals being occupied, uses sink.

Clever Type – Pisses without holding tool, shows off by adjusting tie at the same time.

Vain Type – Undoes 5 buttons when 2 will do.

Absent-Minded Type – Opens jacket, takes out tie, pisses in pants.

Worried Type – Is not quite sure what he has been up to lately, makes a furtive but close inspection of tool while pissing.

Disgruntled Type – Stands for a while, grunts, farts, tries to piss, fails, farts again and walks out muttering.

Sneaky Type – Drops silent farts while pissing and looks at the bloke next to him.

Sloppy Type – Pisses on shoe, walks out with flies undone, adjusts himself ten minutes later.

Learned Type – Reads a book or newspaper while pissing.

Childish Type – Watches bubbles at bottom of the urinal while pissing.

Strong Type – Bangs tool on side of urinal to remove drops.

Drunken Type – Pulls out tool, sees two, puts one away, and pisses in trousers.

Embarrassed Type – Covers tool with both hands and pisses through fingers.

Cock-Eyed Type – Stands in one cubical and pisses in next one.

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