Addicted to Internet

Signs Your Partner is Addicted to Internet Porn. . .

– During foreplay, he’s always double-clicking your G-spot.

– His new computer includes a DVD-ROM drive, a 56k modem, and a tissue dispenser.

– When she wants you to take off your pants, she says, “Scroll down.”

– Tells everyone he’s a pioneer in “palm computing.”

– He’s suing for repetitive stress injuries.

– Her favorite actor? Tommy Lee.

– When he sees a hot babe, he wryly says, “Boy, I’d like to click on her.”

– You look deep into his eyes and see a faint image of Asia Carrera burned into his corneas.

– As you undress, he takes out his credit card and tells you his birthday.

– During sex, he shouts, “Refresh! Refresh!”

– His version of foreplay: You lie naked on the bed with a sheet covering you… he pulls it down slowly for ten minutes.

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